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Kristof Cale

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Tall stud Kristof Cale has the piercing blue eyes and chiseled features that could have made him a model or a movie star, but his massive cock led him to seek a different type of fame. This Czech stud entered the adult film industry at only 18 years old, but before long, Kristof had attracted the notice of porn fans all across Europe. It's not just that Kristof is handsome enough to be a model, although that certainly helps to get the ladies' attention! However, Kristof is more than just a pretty face: this stud is best known for his amazing talent at licking pussy and his unparalleled sex skills. His reputation for being one of Europe's greatest artisans at making babes cum has even extended as far as America! Kristof has already earned both AVN and XBIZ award nominations, and this young hunk is only getting better with age. Fans love Kristof's ability to combine soulful romance and lustful fucking into one perfect package. With his huge cock and even bigger star power, Kristof makes every scene unmissable.

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