MIDV-276 My prostitute colleague let me stay

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Ms. Nakayama was in the same class and graduated from the same university. One day, when I missed the last train because I had to work overtime, he said, "If you want to sleep on the sofa, I'll let you stay." Being in another woman's room while she was there... But I might have expected something from Mr. Nakayama, who used to be a bimbo. Unprotected braless loungewear in a space meant for just the two of us... I couldn't stand it. I continued fucking until I had used up a dozen condoms by morning. Still sexual desire that doesn't match. Finally, I was invited to say, "I don't care if I live."

MIDV-276 My prostitute colleague let me stay
 Movie Code: MIDV-276 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Nakayama Fumika